Yvan's Testimony

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Yvan Pierre

I grew up in a Christian family in Haiti, a third-generation Christian and the first-born of 11 children. Our parents taught us about Jesus Christ from earliest childhood, and at age seven I accepted Him as my personal Savior and Lord. As a youth I became troubled when I learned that Haiti’s founders had dedicated my country to Satan. In exchange for freedom from French control, Haiti would serve Satan for 200 years.

In 1804 they gained independence and established the world’s first Black republic. No longer slaves of the French, they became slaves of Satan. The Voodoo religion and its priests control people’s lives and keep them impoverished and uneducated. People die young due to lack of nutrition and medical care. Most of the children born in Haiti the year I was born died before they were five years old.

By the grace of God, I am still alive. By God’s grace I have received the blessings of salvation and education and a call to serve Him and to serve my people. That 200-year contract with the devil ended in 2004. Those founders are no longer responsible for Haiti, but I am.

To fulfill that calling and reach the people of Haiti for Christ, International Christian Development Mission (ICDM) was founded in 1989. ICDM focuses on training a new generation for God’s Kingdom by educating children, training Christian leaders and pastors, and equipping Christians to be Christ’s witnesses.

ICDM is not a single-person ministry. We are a team working in partnership with Christ and with churches and individuals in the U.S., Canada and Brazil. I invite you to pray and consider joining us to help free Haiti’s people from bondage to Satan and bring them to liberty in Jesus Christ.