Mission Trips

ICDM invites you to "come and see" personally what God is doingin Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Here are some reasons you should consider coming: 

  • Build relationships. If you sponsor a child, we want you to have a chance to meet them. If you have contributed to the Center of Hope or Medical Clinic, we want you to meet the people who use them.
  • Make a difference. Some of you have skills in building, medicine, accounting, agriculture, education which when added to our skills, will multiply our effectiveness. Just your presence will let us know we are not alone.
  • See your investment at work. There is nothing like working with a family on an ICDM home or working in our clinic or school to give you first hand knowledge of how your contributions are helping to build the future of our countries.
  • Build your team. A mission trip is a great team-building exercise for your church or your family.
  • Be inspired. Our entrepreneurial ministries may add value to what you are doing at home.
  • Be transformed. You will never look at the world the same way again.

International Christian Development Mission 2016

The ICDM Advantage

An ICDM mission trip has the great advantage of being uniquely designed around your interests and talents. Because we are not a “high volume” outfit, we have flexibility when it comes to timing, mission opportunities, and team composition. For example, we are one of the few receiving bodies that welcomes families with younger children. Because of the safety of our compound and the numerous children we have around, children can have a great impact in ministry just by befriending the kids they meet here.

What to Expect

  • Most trips last one week, usually Saturday to Saturday.
  • Accommodations are simple but comfortable in our specially-designed guest house.
  • Wholesome meals which blend local cuisine with the American palate.
  • Optional hikes exploring the region are offered every day.
  • Work activities can include building, interacting with the school, helping at the medical clinic, or even farming, depending upon your interest and skills.
  • There are opportunities to worship together on Sunday and during the week.

A Note About Safety

Haiti, especially, is sometimes in the news as a difficult place for travel. We want to assure you that we carefully monitor situations all the time and will not let you come if things seem dangerous. Bayonnais itself is supremely safe. It is located in a walled, guarded compound in a community where ICDM and its missioners enjoy a fantastic reputation for helping people. Both personal well-being and property are absolutely safe. From the time you arrive in Haiti or the DR, you are personally escorted by an ICDM team member to your mission site.



Haiti 2012

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