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ICDM: Easter Update


Dear friends of ICDM, Christ is Risen! He is risen, indeed! Throughout the centuries this cry has brought hope in the presence of despair and light in the midst of darkness. Not only does Christ’s resurrection provide the promise of eternal life when we die, it gives life to deadly situations on this side of the grave. If you are keeping up with the news about Haiti, you will know that it is experiencing a death of sorts. Gangs and vigilante groups are at war, governmental services are non-functioning, hunger is on the rise, and everyday life has ground to a halt. I am proud to say that in the midst of all this darkness, the resurrection of Jesus Christ has enabled ICDM to keep on shining a light of hope. Our school and medical clinic in Bayonnais remain open. We continue to feed children.…

ICDM: March Update


Dear friends of ICDM, We recently completed our Annual ICDM Leadership Conference in Santiago, Dominican Republic. We had over 100 attendees from all over Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as teams…

ICDM: December Newsletter


Dear friends of ICDM, As Christmas draws near, a lot of attention is focused on gifts. In our younger days, it might have been “What am I going to get?” As we grow older the question shifts to “What am…

ICDM: Give some light this Giving Tuesday!


Give some light this Giving Tuesday!The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.   (Isaiah 9:2, NIV) Dear friends…

ICDM: October Newsletter


One person can make a difference… One person who made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of Haitian children is Francois Philippe. A little over 34 years ago I asked Francois if he would help…