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ICDM: Not Too Late to Make a Difference

Dear friends of ICDM,
There is still time to make a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti! With the calendar year drawing to a close, I want to remind you to make your gift to ICDM by December 31.
If you have been following our work throughout the year, you will know that each day we feed over 800 children a hot nutritious meal. Each year we educate those same 800 students, laying the foundation for the future leadership of Haiti. We see some 2,000 patients a year in our medical clinic. We build houses for people in desperate circumstances. We provide micro-loans and training for small businesses so that people can build their own streams of income. Most importantly, we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through outreach in our own community and through our School of Evangelism which trains pastors from all over Haiti.
All of these activities make a profound difference in the lives of individuals, in the future of Haiti, and in the eternity of many, many people. You can be part of making a difference by partnering with us in prayer and in donating to our ministry. Find out the various ways you can make an impact by visiting us at
There are even some taxation benefits to contributing to this important work. Due to the COVID crisis, each taxpayer is allowed to claim up to $300.00 in charitable deductions in the 2020 tax year even if they do not otherwise itemize deductions.
I also want to remind you that any contributions from IRA’s directly to ICDM are tax free and help reduce your overall tax burden. This is especially important to remember in the coming year when RMD’s (Required Minimum Distributions) will be reinstated for everyone over 70 ½. Please contact your financial adviser about making this sort of direct contribution.
Apart from any taxation considerations, investing in the people of Haiti through ICDM is a great move because it equips and empowers people for now and for eternity. Won’t you help us make a difference?
Yvan Pierre
ICDM Director