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I.C.D.M. Sponsorship Newsletter


Hello.  We are trying to give Children Sponsors updates on the children, the school and the Bayonnais community. Also, we are hoping to address some concerns that had been brought to our attention with I.C.D.M.’s sponsorship program.I returned from a week trip to Haiti, in September, where school has just started and 800 children are expected to become enrolled by the end of this year. What an amazing answered prayer that these children of Bayonnais are receiving a quality Christian education. There are classrooms not only downstairs, but upstairs in the school building and a classroom now occupies the church.  A seventh grade and eighth grade classroom are new additions this year.  The teaching staff continues to grow and many of the teachers are former I.C.D.M students! A large number of…

School of Evangelism


I greet you in the name of Jesus. I am happy sending this note to you in order to give you a report on the SOE 2017-2018.On August 11, 2018 took place the ceremony of graduation of the 11th promotion of…



Dear friends of ICDM,I have some exciting news to share concerning our Medical Clinic.God continues to bless us in our project to build a new Medical Clinic at the ICDM compound In Haiti.  Construction…

Pick a Direction - HAITI

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When I got back to the states, someone asked me, “Was it life-changing?” It’s hard to have your entire life changed in the course of a few days. There are exceptions such as near-death experiences and…