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Haiti's Hope




A poem by Sabrina Terrill

A mission trip to Bayonnais Haiti, where majestic and steep

mountains abound,

And the vision of I.C.D.M. that promises to help the children, will

surely astound

Every early morning we would awake to donkey’s brays, rooster

crows and childhood chatter.

On weekday mornings these children travel down descending

paths, getting to school is all that matters.

In their school uniforms neatly pressed by an iron that uses hot

charcoal to heat...

They all travel sometimes for hours, on graveled trails, which is no

small feat.

This I know firsthand since I also hiked these dangerously daunting

mountainous peaks,

Where my endurance skills and sometimes competitive nature they

definitely did tweak.

The children are adorable and healthy in a country where poverty is

widespread, they don’t merely survive.

Because they are not only being physically fed but also spiritually

fed with God’s love, and this is certainly making them thrive.

We came as a team from the church ready, to work in a building in

need of some wiring.

But God had other plans and so we worked hard on other projects

diligently toiling but never tiring…

We painted and cleaned, put in sinks and showers and many doors

we even shellacked.

All with a servant attitude, while taking breaks to play and sing with

the children, we vowed to come back.

The nights we spent on the roof recapping the day, looking up and

being amazed with God’s awesome power as the night stars would


All of us knew in our hearts we were not here just merely to visit

this country by chance.

So we all left with a new insight and a heightened feeling of

extreme gratitude.

Respecting God’s wisdom and Haiti’s Center of Hope vision and an

awakened mission minded attitude.