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Education of Children

The Bible tells us to:
"Train a child in the way they should
go,and when they are old
they will not turn away..."
- Proverbs 22:6 -

All children deserve the right to be educated. Unfortunately, most children in the world's poorest countries, especially Haiti, do not have access to quality education or to any education at all. ICDM, through its child sponsorship ministry, helps needy children to receive an education and thus offers them a better future.

"Children today, adults tomorrow."


This program targets adults, teaching them to read and write and opening to them a whole new world of opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of their children. Not the least is the ability to read and grasp the truths of the Bible.

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Portable Bible Schools (PBS)

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Portable Bible Schools are equipping and empowering current and future leaders to minister more effectively in the places where God has called them to serve. Portable Bible Schools provide training close to home for men and women who have heard the call of Jesus Christ to serve in their churches and communities. Instruction covers 200 lessons on Bible doctrine, homiletics, and living a holy life. Alongside the Bible, leaders study the textbook Called to Shepherd God's People by Thelma Braun of Evangelism Resources. Amazing ministries are springing up as a result of Portable Bible Schools. Read about Oriel Sterling, PBS director in the Cap-Haitien-area, here.

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Schools of Evangelism (SOE)

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Schools of Evangelism began in the fall of 2006 in Port-au-Prince. The intensive nine-month course was the first school of its kind in Haiti. That initial class graduated 11 leaders trained as specialists in biblical evangelism – and generated so much enthusiasm that a second SOE opened in Cap-Haitien in 2009. After the 2010 earthquake destroyed the SOE facility in Port-au-Prince, the students completed the school year in a tent and in the open air. Cap-Haitien is now the site of all SOE classes. Coursework includes methods of sharing the gospel, developing a strategy for a national movement of evangelism, and supervised practical field experiences.

By May 2011 more than 150 men and women had graduated and now serve in churches and organizations throughout Haiti.

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Women's Conferences

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The Hope for Haiti team has held one-day and two-day women's conferences in Bayonnais since 2004. ICDM's first Port-au-Prince Women's Conference took place in January of 2008, with the theme "You Are Witnesses." Women received specific training in methods of evangelism (Wordless Book, Roman Road, etc.), along with inspiration from Thelma Braun from the book of Philippians. Trainees were urged to set specific goals for witnessing and to report their progress after two months. Fellowship and encouragement was a very positive experience for ladies who often lead ministries in relative isolation.

Inductive Bible Study Seminars

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Intensive training in this method of Bible study trains church leaders in observation (What does the passage say?), interpretation (What does the passage mean?), and application (How does the meaning of the passage apply to me?). As they learn, their teaching will be enhanced as they in turn teach this method to laypeople in the local church. The Word has power to transform the nation!


Caring for the Elderly

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The Jesus Loves Me Program is directed toward the Haitian elderly. Combining discipleship with human development, it provides health assistance, food, clothing, shelter and other necessities, and also addresses the emotional and spiritual needs of the people. Its beneficiaries find a family in Jesus Christ and His people.

This program helps elderly women and men who are unable to work and have no means of support. Haiti has no public assistance programs to help them. The Jesus Loves Me Project combines discipleship with human development. It offers literacy training, health assistance, food, shelter, clothing, seeds and other necessities. It also addresses emotional and spiritual needs, and helps people to find a family in Jesus Christ and his people.

Elderly Terancia was about 75 years old when her husband died, leaving her destitute and with a handicapped daughter to care for. She could not work, and she had no family to help her. ICDM stepped in to help her with basic needs, along with the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Terancia could not read or write, but she could clearly read the love of Jesus in the lives of ICDM workers. Now she is a zealous follower of Jesus.

“I served Satan all my life,” she said, “and today none of my former friends care for me—only Jesus.”

Economic Development

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Through micro-credit programs, such as G.O.A.T.S., ICDM enables people to earn a living and provide for their families. It teaches people "how to fish" instead of "giving them fish" every day.

Mr. Saintil, the father of four children, wanted to send all of his children to school, but without a job or income he could not afford to send even one. Sponsors from the U.S. “adopted” two of his children, allowing them to receive an education.

Saintil was still struggling¸ however, to care for the rest of his family. With no job or job skills, he had no hope of earning an income.

Then ICDM initiated a program called G.O.A.T.S. – Gifts Of Animals To Succeed -- which provided a goat to Mr. Saintil. Through the generosity of a donor, Saintil has earned a steady stream of income from raising and selling goats and he is now able to provide for his family.

You, too, can give a Gift of Animals to Succeed, and help one of the hundreds of families on our waiting list. A gift of $100 buys a goat for a family to raise, breed, and generate income. Ten dollars will buy a chicken to produce eggs for a family. And $500 will purchase a cow, which will produce both milk and calves to be raised for the future. Please consider giving the gift of an animal to a family in need today.

Disease Prevention

The Bible teaches the importance of proper food and drink to nourish our bodies and proper hygiene to keep us healthy.

God cares about our health and he wants us to take the necessary steps to maintain good health. Our plan is to incorporate volunteers to visit our project locations and provide training in primary health care, along with education in disease prevention.

During the Hope for Haiti mission trip in 2009, a medical team headed by Dr. Lucien Baptiste and assisted by pre-med and nursing students treated and evaluated all 532 students in ICDM’s school at Bayonnais. They charted every child’s height and weight and found most to be malnourished and underdeveloped for their age. They also found that the children who had been receiving daily vitamin doses showed marked improvement since the pilot project began the previous year. Therefore the vitamin project was expanded immediately to include all the school children from kindergarten through eighth grade. The medical team also treated wounds and infections and administered worm treatments. The team invited all pregnant women to the clinic on Friday, and saw other patients as time permitted.