Portable Bible School

Pictured is Jean Nikenson Dorilas whose life was changed by an encounter with Portable Bible School students who led him to Jesus. He is now planting churches and leading Bible studies near Port au Prince using the training he received.

School of Evangelism

My name is Donas Laventure, and I live in Savanette. Seven years ago, I was very sick. I had no chance to live. Both physicians and witchdoctors could not give me life. I had suffered a lot. When there was no hope for me, I decided to accept Jesus. Brothers and sisters of the church prayed for me and I was healed. I became a student of the School of Evangelism, Lacahobas, and now I am teaching as a Sunday School teacher. I am also studying to become a coordinator of Evangelism, so please pray for me, I would like to be more useful in the Kingdom of God.

MicroLoan Program

Samuel Val is a Christian small business entrepeneur. He lives in Pascal, Ennery. He had a bakery and did not have enough money to make any bread. Then he turned to the ICDM MicroLoan Program FONDEBLOKEM (Help Me Out) for finance. Now he is flourishing. He is able to support himself, his family, and his community. Samuel praises God and thanks ICDM for this much needed help.